It's the Economy, Stupid.


I am a drawing artist, author, publisher and curator based in the UK, and have been working in the arts for over 20 years. I currently teach MA Illustration at the University of Falmouth, and printmaking at Richmond Art School. 

Despite my creative practice having been based around storytelling and process-based drawing for all this time, like many artists in the UK economics has often occupied the largest space in my head. It has greatly affected choices in jobs I have had access to, the things I make, and how I live my everyday life while still continuing a creative practice. 

One of my main drives has been independence. Maybe because my first art education was still in the 20th Century I wanted art to stand alone as a valid and useful thing in society, and one that didn't need to be pretty, seek patronage or sell a product. Not that I haven't put in funding applications from time to time, but when I started out I was always happier selling lipstick and shampoo to pay for ink than trying to make art for someone else's agenda. Throughout the years I also worked in professional illustration as well as with community projects and in the film and TV industry.  Although I am mostly concerned with visual art and writing, I really believe that all the arts are one big family often with similar struggles. 

In the end I spent so much time thinking about the economics of the arts industry,  I started a blog to try and verbalise ideas about what on earth we can do to become a financially sustainable industry to work in, that reflects the many voices of our whole society.  

If you like the writing and want to read some fiction, you can find free stories on my website  My books are available at Pudding Press